Minutes from the Apr '01 CRS meeting:

Total attendance: 17

The meeting was started with Scott's usual monologue.

Then the subject of contests was brought up. It was eventually decided that next month will be the practice session, and June will be the finals for two new contests.

The first contest was proposed by Kevin. The goal is to climb a set of two standard stairs with a landing on top. The stairs will be 2 feet wide and have the standard 7 inch rise and 10 inch run. There will be a 2 foot square landing at the top. A new member, a general contractor, has offered to provide the stairs.

The second contest involves the accuracy of a dead reckoning robot. The idea is that there will be two concentric squares on the floor. The inner one will be 5 feet on a side and the outer will be 8 feet on a side. There will be a line oriented perpendicular to the two squares in the middle of one edge. The robot will be placed by its operator anywhere on the line. It must then go around the square between the two boxes, trying to come back as close as possible to its starting point. Scoring will be based on time and accuracy.

The final event of the meeting was the showing of a couple posters a member made for the Fire Fighting Poster Contest.

The meeting adjourned around ?:?? pm.