Minutes from the Oct '00 CRS meeting:

Total attendence: 13

The meeting commenced at 1pm by viewing 1/2 hours in the IEEE video.

After this, Scott did the usual introductions, and passed out some literature.

Jake successfully sold the last tee-shirt, and he gave out various controllers.

Then Scott talked about his idea for the whole club to get together and build a robot. Please e-mail him and tell him what you think.

Marc is trying to get information on some sort of vibrating table which can pass different items around (say for example a salt shaker at dinner time). Anyone with information can contact Marc.

Kevin was up next and he showed us his latest 4-legged walker. He then went on to talk about his idea for a 2-legged walker.

Walter talked about one of his newest projects, an underwater robot. So far he's mounted a light, and two motors. The plans came from the book "Build Your Own Underwater Robot".

Jake then gave an impressive demo on how heating and cooling affects metal. He heated up some bobby-pins and showed the group how different cooling methods affected the pins. Cooling them slowly made the pins flexible, while cooling them quickly made them brittle. He then gave us the rationale behind this process.

Next Marc gave us an inside view of Max. We were all impressed by how organized and neat all the components and wiring were inside Max. We saw the power supply, the CPU, and the drive deck. We also saw the gyro sensor, and flame detector.

The meeting formally ajourned around 3:30pm.