Minutes from the Nov '00 CRS meeting:

Total attendance: 19

The meeting commenced at 1pm by viewing 30 minutes of a video about various robot contests.

After this, Scott did the usual introductions.

Next Jake talked about a new Dremel attachment. It was a piece that went at a 90 degree angle from the tip of the tool allowing the user to cut (for example) a grove in a piece of wood.

Walter was up next, and he showed us his latest project. A Lego RCX with a new device that he made. This new device used light to send a signal to the RCX whenever a sensor triggered. This made it possible to have at least two different (non-Lego) sensors hooked up to one RCX input.

Kevin showed us all his newest walker idea. He successfully invented a mechanism on his walking robot that allows the foot to remain parallel to the ground while the leg propels the robot forward. This design gave his robot greater stability. He also discussed his entry into a design contest, where he will be building a walking wheel-chair. Very impressive!

Then Bill talked about how to build a metal robot base like the ones on his fire fighting robots Neo and Merlin. He went over different torches, different metal working tools, and different welding techniques (he said that the best solder to use is a silver solder. The one he uses can hold up to 15,000 psi!). Bill said that he would post all the relevant web sites on the e-groups. After explaining how to work with brass, he demonstrated the use of aluminum, which is a lot lighter than brass, but harder to work with. This was a phenomenal demonstration which is sure to have a lot of us reaching for our blow torches. Thanks Bill for making the long trip from Pennsylvania...we really appreciate your contribution.

The meeting formally ajourned around 3:00pm.