Minutes from the May '00 CRS meeting:

Total attendence: 18

The meeting commenced at 1pm by viewing the video made by the Israeli Trinity team and the Sports Channel coverage of the Trinity contest.

Next, we had introductions by Jake followed by the passing around of the master e-mail list for updates and additions. Followed by a poster, literature and magazine giveaway.

Bill had some stuff to giveaway - an industrial joystick and electronic micrometers.

Next, Jake told the group that there are three club tee-shirts left (2 M, 1 XXL). The price is $15 (cash / check only).

Jake had a UPS to giveaway.

Bill and Chris got into a local newpaper article due to their particpation in the Trinity Contest. So we passed that article around to take a look at it.

Next, Marc Warren got up and commented on Max's performance at the contest.

Scott was up next. Already thinking ahead, he has come up with a platform design for next year's Trinity robot built around a syncro drive. Also, Scott discussed this years forth place showing with his Leggo Mindstorms octagonal drive robot.

Next, Bill gave the postmortum on Neo. Speed was an issue, which room the candle was in was another, and lastly Bill commented that the sharp rangers were too slow for what he was trying to do.

Bill then brought up the possible summer program. Originally Sumo robots were going to be discussed but it looks like we may be going into just what makes a good fire fighting robot instead.

Les Boyton got up and did a nice Dremel demo for the group.

Chris Graf brought some catalogs & reference books to show off. Chris's talk on robot base construction was postponed for a later meeting due to a lack of members.

Next, Jim showed off his stepper platform made from two of Jake's AirPax steppers that he sold at a prior meeting. The project also included a 16F84 PIC to control the stepper drivers and accept serial direction data from a PC. Also a challenge was given to Bill to come up with a similar project which he met admirably with his own small stepper platform.

Nick was up next and showed the group his Leggo robot.

The group talked about a trip to the MIT flea market. June 18th was given as a possible date.

Marc Warren brought up the fact that Delphi has been painfully slow and was wondering if the club should go the listserv route. (editor's note: Bill has since set us up with egroups.com and we are evaluating its usefullness as a replacement for Delphi).

The group was reminded that officer's terms end in June. We are looking for people to step forward with nominations (you can nominate yourself) for next year. President, VP, Secretary/Treasurer, and Webmaster are up for grabs.

Chris Graf, our club Librarian, said he would like some help in getting a book list converted to HTML so it can be placed on the club web site. See Chris if this is something you would like to help with.

Finally, Bill & Diane Ruehl introduced Camelot Robotics, their new venture. They have two products. One is the SuperPic programmer (which Bill introduced at an earlier meeting) and the other is called CodeDesigner. This is a software front end for the PicBasic compiler. It is an IDE that does a lot of the nice formatting that one finds in the VB IDE. A really nice tool for the PIC software developer or hobbiest. See or e-mail Bill if you are interested in either of these fine products.

The meeting formally ajourned around 3:45pm.