Minutes from the Mar. '00 CRS meeting:

Total attendence: 32

The meeting commenced at 1pm by viewing a video about the industrial uses of robotics from ABB Robotics.

Next, we had introductions by Jake followed by the usual literature and magazine giveaways and the passing around of the master e-mail list for updates and additions.

Jake spoke about the upcoming Trinity Contest which will be held on April 15 & 16. There are currently 40 Robots entered. Jake expects perhaps over 100.

Next, Jim talked about how the club dues works and Jake told the group that the club tee-shirts came in and that he needed a payment of $15 (cash / check only) from those who had ordered them.

Bill had finished the CRS PIC programmers that he had been working on. After passing them out to the members, he explained how to hook up Chris Graff's surplus 24VDC power supplies to the programmer (reminder: of the three wires, you cut the green, solder the red to the center, and solder the black to the long outer sleeve). Bill then told the group where they could obtain the software to load the .HEX file that the PIC Basic Compiler produces into the board. The software is called EPICWin and it can be downloaded from www.melabs.com/mel/e230beta.zip. (editors note: this is not freeware - there is a modest charge of $25). A big THANK YOU to both Bill and Jake for making this CRS PIC project a reality.

The Pratt & Whitney Store came up again. 17" monitors for $90 - what a deal!

Next was show and tell time.

Ryan got up and demo'ed his rover made from Leggo Connects. Powered by R/C servos the rover could carry a soccer ball.

Daniel, Ryan's brother, was up next. He built a robot he calls "Monkey Business". The robot was built around an old R/C car with Radio Shack servos.

After all this R/C, Jake gave a brief talk on antenna theory

Bill was up next. He brought the beginnings of Neo, his answer to the Trinity challenge. Neo uses 16:1 Swiss gear motors and a tank of compressed CO2 to put the fire out.

Chris Graf brought in a $39 table top drill press that he bought from "Harbor Frieght" (www.harborfrieght.com). He showed the group a few tricks.

Jake told the group about someone who wants to do a Robotics Camp for kids K-6. This is a paid position and will be for 2 weeks at the end of July in Winsted, CT. If you are interested e-mail Jake for the details.

Next we had an Apple printer giveaway by Mark.

The group then had a brief discussion about commercial printed circuit board production. It was said that the Eagle freeware PCB software could do double sided 4"x3.2" boards.

Gary gave the group a demo of his current version of the Trinity Robot Simulator.

Scott showed the group the latest progress that he had made on his Leggo firefighter.

Finally, Jake did a mini-teaching on pots - linear vs. audio taper.

The meeting formally ajourned around 3:00pm.