Minutes from the June '00 CRS meeting:

Total attendence: 16

The meeting commenced at 1pm by viewing IEEE three minute videos.

Next, we had introductions by Jake followed by the passing around of the master e-mail list for updates and additions.

The group was reminded that there will be no meetings in July or August. Club elections will be held at the September meeting. The positions open are President, Vice President, Treasurer/Secretary, and Webmaster.

Jake still has club tee shirts for sale (2 M, 1 XXL). Contact him if you would like one - the price is $15 (cash / check only).

Next we had the usual literature and magazine giveaway. Jake also collects newsletters from other clubs that can be borrowed - ask him if you are interested.

Jake had some stuff to giveaway - heavy 7 amp power supplies and misc. project boards.

The group was reminded that there is a trip planned to the MIT flea market on June 18th. Meet at the University of Hartford parking lot at 7am.

Next we spoke about egroups.com. This has replaced Delphi as the club's message board. Fire off an e-mail to Bill R. if you are unsure how to participate in this.

Next we had a giveaway of dental picks courtesey of John Burns.

Tom Z. told the group that the Harvard Freight catalog has some great deals (digital multimeters for $13).

The Pratt & Whitney surplus store was mentioned again as a good place to find lots of stuff - like monitors for $90.

Ron K. brought in his PIC portable development station w/ "Bill R. programmer" to show off. Ron has been working on this PIC assembly language LED program that he told the group about.

Jim was up next. He showed off his PIC based digital thermometer project that he has been working on. Two seven segment common cathode LEDs were driven by one 16F84. Another 16F84 controlled a Dallas Semiconductor DS1620 IC and talks to the PIC controlling the LEDs via a serial interface.

Next Jake discussed PICs. The "12 family" requires no external components. Also OTP = One Time Programmable.

Marc told the group that Max DV has achieved fame and fortune - he will be on the cover of a future issue of Circuit Cellar magazine.

Kevin & Mike were up next. They demo'ed some R/C robots. One was 4-legged, the other was 6-legged.. Kevin also told the group that he would like to enter "Battle Bots" and went on to describe his idea for a competitor. He also said he would like to find a corporate sponsor.

www.micromark.com is a good site for tools.

The meeting formally ajourned around 3:30pm.