Minutes from the Jan. '00 CRS meeting:

Total attendence: 28

A little excitement preceeded the meeting as we found ourselves locked out of our UHA meeting room. Thanks goes to Andy Angle for hosting the meeting at the school he teaches at next door.

The meeting commenced at 1:30pm by viewing the 2nd half of Kevin's Scientific American Frontiers robot video.

Next, we had introductions by Bill as Jake was absent from the meeting.

Bill then discussed the club tee-shirts:

Next, Bill discussed the "Official" CRS PIC programming solution:

A call went out for one or two of our more "mechanically" inclined members to teach a class on the basics of chassis/frame construction. The program should include the following:

The laptop auction was next. A total of $130 was rasied for the club. Thanks to all!

Next Bill reviewed a couple of books:

Chris N. was up next and spoke about the upcoming "Mastering the Maze" contest. We will use the maze located in the basement of the United Tech Bldg. The practice session will be next month (Feb) and the contest itself will be held at the March meeting. Look on the web site for details.

Next Bill talked about our virtual friend from India who has been following what's been going on with the club and who will be visiting next month.

Show and tell was next. Kevin was up first and brought back the project that he demo'ed last month - another R/C creation. Looking something like a dinosaur, the creature had improved control from last time. Good job Kevin.

Next Scott showed off a new project he has been working on - a "lego copier". Working much like a fax machine, this device had an x-y table with a pen that responded to the varying light levels falling on a CdS cell. An RCX brick controlled the whole thing. Great project!

Marc and Max were up next. Marc demo'ed Max's new fire fighting capabilities. The CO2 blasts were highly effective - look out Trinity competition.

We had a "Cybug" visit us and also one other lego creation appeared - sorry I missed the details on these.

Hasan Long hosted a computer giveaway - he had two complete systems that he brought. Also Chris Graf brought some more junked copiers and power supplies for the taking.

The meeting ajourned around 4:00pm.