Minutes from the Sept. '99 CRS meeting:

Total attendence: 21

The meeting commenced at 1pm by viewing a video that Bill R. brought in on the subject of soldering. A very informative video - there is a whole lot more to the subject than you would think.

Next, we had introductions by Jake followed by the passing around of the master e-mail list for updates and additions. Jake also mentioned he was going to start purging the list of old addresses, etc.

Jake brought out his stash of robot related literature that everybody was welcome to take.

Jake spoke about the Pratt & Whitney surplus store. A lot of neat stuff, check it out at: www.pratt-whitney.com/profile/merchandise/surplus

Next, Jake told of getting an e-mail from a 14 yr old robotics enthusiast who wants a pen pal to talk the hobby with. Anyone interested, please contact Jake and he will provide the e-mail address.

Jake then opened the floor to anyone wanting to show off their latest creations.

Bill R. got up and spoke on a number of subjects. Here is the condensed list:

Next, Will R. and Chris S. showed off their line tracking robot they call the "Drunken Monkey". The nicely engineered robot was able to easily follow a black electrical tape line that was laid for it on one of the tables.

Not to be outdone, Scott B. brought out his answer to the line tracking challenge. The lego creation, with just one sensor, had no difficulty in navigating the white masking tape line on the floor. Congrats to all three young people for their efforts.

Scott B. showed off his next soon to be science fair project - a laser compass. I, myself, didn't understand it very well so if you are interested contact Scott for more details.

Next, Kevin demo'ed his latest robot. This machine was radio controlled and was balanced in the front with a castor made in the likeness of R2D2. It even had a hand. Nice job!

Marc W. reminded the group that the CRS has a forum on Delphi. This is a great way to interact when we can't get together face-to-face. Check out this web site for info on how to access it.

Marc then spoke about a new project at his place of employment (Dimensional Control). Marc describes the thing as a 3-dimensional ink-jet printer. Its real name is the "Sanders Prototype Model Maker", and Marc had some inprssive looking samples that the machine produced. Very impressive.

John, a local H.S. technology teacher, asked the group's opinion of using BEAM robots with his students. Various thoughts were expressed. Bill R. suggested he look at the Cybug also.

Next, Jake gave his opinion of Mark Tilden's work on BEAM robotics. I won't print it - if you are interested ask him directly.

Walter has been spending the last few weeks writing a C compiler for the 68HC11E9 that he has dubbed "WCC11". The compiler is written in Turbo Pascal. He passed around some sample code for the group to look at. I will say this is quite an undertaking for a young person - excellent job Walter!

Next, Jake brought out his box of giveaway goodies. Before the giveaway of a box of 0.1 ohm power resistors, he conducted a short teaching on Ohm's Law.

Finally, we turned to the club and its organization. Bill R. spoke of the chatter that has been going on this summer on the forum and our need for more formal officers. The following have volunteered this year for the following positions:

These folks will serve for one year, and it was agreed that formal elections will be held at the Oct. 2000 meeting.

The meeting ajourned around 3:45pm.