Minutes from the Nov. '99 CRS meeting:

Total attendence: 25

The meeting commenced at 1pm by viewing part of the second half of the '99 Trinity Fire Fighting Robot Contest video that Jake brought in.

Next, we had introductions by Jake followed by the usual literature giveaways and passing around of the master e-mail list for updates and additions. Jake also has a lending library of other groups newsletters (the Seattle club, for example) that CRS members can borrow.

Jake mentioned that there were some good deals to be had at the Pratt & Whitney Surplus store. Lori Hnath, a former CRS member, runs it. If you go, let her know who you are and she might show you some "unadvertised" bargins.

The club next explored a motion from Bill and Jim to register an Internet domain name for the club and move the club's web site to a server that is not connected to any one member's personal ISP account. The reasons for this are 1) the duties of Webmaster can pass from person to person without a change in the club URL and 2) we can move to a more heafty server so we can offer a wider range of content on the site. A unanimous vote was cast for the need to do this.

Then came the discussion as to how we would fund the cost. Twelve voted for dues in the amount of $20 to be collected yearly. Eight voted for dues in the amount of $10 to be collected yearly plus a "contribution envelope" to be passed at each meeting. A compromise was struck such that dues would be on a sliding scale from $10/yr to $20/yr. In addition, other funding steams were explored. It was mentioned that we could raise funds via "giveaway" money, via an annual auction, and via a 50/50 raffle at the monthly meeting.

Other club business discussed/decided on was:

Following the business portion of the meeting, Jake opened the floor to anyone wanting to show off their latest creations.

Mark was up first to show off his PC tethered to a Radio Shack Armatron robot arm. Mark used a digital I/O card in the PC to interface to a circuit board that was connected ahead of the arm. He was able to demo a script of programmed movements. Mark also offerred to design/build electronic projects for the membership. Mark's e-mail is markw2@snet.net if you would like to discuss his offer in further detail.

Next, Kevin demo'ed his R/C Spider robot. The beast was controlled by an R/C digital proportional control. And the Spider sported a gripper that actually picked up a pen. Good job Kevin!

Chris Graff was up next. He had some small serial printers and stepper motors to giveaway.

Not to be undone, Bill R. gave away some R/C cars.

Scott B. brought back his Leggo creation using the RCX "brick" that he hopes will be his answer to the Fire Fighting contest. This time Scott had mounted the lens assembly & CdS candle sensor. Also he showed off the pneumatic powered extinquisher mechanism that uses water to put out the candle.

Next, Jake spoke about his trip to Israel. He met with the head of the Ministry of Education and the Mayor of Tel Aviv to discuss starting a national robotics education program in Israel. Jake also mentioned that 20 Israeli teams and 5 Arab teams will be coming to the Trinity contest this year. One Australian has registered already.

Walter was up next. He has released Version 1 of WCC11(his 68HC11 C compiler). It is available as freeware from the following URL: www.frontiernet.net/~wkrawec/page3.html. There will be a link from the club site to this page. Walter also brought in his line tracking / Fire Fighting robot. The robot was 68HC11 based with a Xicor port replacement unit, 8K EEPROM and 32K RAM.

The final event of the day was the practice run of the CRS Line Tracing Contest. Will's, Jim's and Walter's robots made practice runs. Bill's Mousebot II made a little noise and spun in a circle but that was about it. He's teasing us - we'll have to wait until the December meeting.

The meeting ajourned around 3:45pm.