Minutes from the Sept. '98 CRS meeting:

Total Attendance at the meeting was 16.

The meeting opened with a History Channel video on robotics.

Jake hosted the giveaways and literture handouts. Among the goodies this time were some nice DC motors and a LOT of little plastic containers.

The next item on the agenda was the line tracing contest. The group decided that, instead of a single contest event, the line tracing contest should be made into a long term robotics "badge" so to speak. Members were encouraged to build their robots over the coming months, bring them in when they need help, or when they would like to demonstrate their abilities. Jim also demonstrated his line tracing robot, and the group was amused by its attempts to follow a masking tape line that we stuck on the floor.

Jake then spoke about the upcoming Robo Expo being hosted by Mondo*Tronics (www.RobotStore.com) to be held Sept. 20 at the Hyatt hotel in Cambridge, Mass. Mondo is looking for people to man the exhibits and demo their lastest creations. Curt indicated that he would put the map on the club web site.

Jeff Bachiochi from Circuit Cellar indicated that he was willing to trade books for subscriptions.

This led into a discussion of ordering books from A.K. Peters as a club project in order to build a sharing library. Members were encouraged to put together a book list and a parts list so that in the future we could place such a group order.

Mike M. talked about the motor driver boards that he recently purchased for his home butler robot. Being a little to big to bring along, Mike showed the club photos of how this robot is progressing.

Mike talked about his aspirations for a fire fighting robot. He brought in a base and some various motors and asked the group for their thoughts.

This led into a short talk on stepper motors given by Jake.

The meeting was capped by a free-for-all discussion and excerpts from the Trinity video (from the robot's point of view).

The meeting ajourned at 3:45pm.