Minutes from the Oct. '98 CRS meeting:

Total attendance: 20

The meeting commenced at 1pm with a viewing of the 1998 Trinity College Fire Fighting Robot contest video.

Next, we had introductions by Jake followed by giveaways of some neat antistatic boxes and the ever popular plastic containers.

Scott Boynton showed off his cool "milk crate" robot. This robot was built around two stacked plastic milk crates. The bottom crate housed the heavy duty drive motors, and the top crate stored the 12v car battery. Attached to the top crate was a very menacing looking arm made out of PVC tubing. The arm had one degree of freedom, and Scott said it could easily lift many pounds. All motors were scavenged from old automobiles.

This lead into a brief teaching on H-bridge circuits by Jake.

Scott said his next project was to add some form of computer control, and he asked for help on a parallel port relay board that he was having trouble with. Scott also spoke about a former science fair project that took honors.

Jim talked about the club's ongoing line tracing event and tried to do some line tracing, but his little red robot just did not want to cooperate.

Next, Curt spoke about his r/c servo platform that he was readying for the line tracing contest and some of the problems he was encountering. The conversation then turned to X-10 home control (don't ask me how).

Jake demo'ed some his Fischertechnik projects that he had been working on. These included a "photo gun", a line tracing entry, a model of a factory floor drill press, and a neat "robot in a box". They were all very clever and beeped at the most appropriate times.

Curt then told the group about his visit to the Mondo-tronics RoboExpo that was held Sun. Sept. 20.

Marc Warren talked briefly about his DC servo motor that he brought in and asked the group for help in finding cheap surplus additional ones for a robot that he wanted to build.

David R. asked the group if a weeknight would be a better time for the club to meet. Because of travel time constraints of a few members the consensus seemed to be that Sun afternoon was the best time.

The group revisited doing some study in basic electronics. Curt indicated that he would like to try using Forrest Mims "Getting Started in Electronics" as a study guide.

The next meeting will be Nov. 8th. We will be reviewing sensors. The Dec. meeting will feature Ken speaking about X-10 home control.

The meeting adjourned at 3:45pm.