Minutes from the Nov. '98 CRS meeting:

Total attendence: 21

The meeting commenced at 1pm with a viewing of the 2nd half of the 1998 Trinity College Fire Fighting Robot contest video.

Next, we had introductions by Jake followed by giveaways of some neat CdS photocells and other stuff that Mike M. brought. Jake also brought robot related literature that everybody was welcome to take.

A "Handy Board" was left at the last FireFighting Robot Contest back in April and went unclaimed. Jake's contest challenge is to give this interesting and probably useful board to the person that can come up with its function. This event will take place at the December meeting.

The master e-mail list was passed around for updates and additions.

Mike M. has been working on a very large "butler" robot, and in lieu of trying to bring it in he took the club on a video tour of his creation complete with a board by board narration. Very good Mike!

This lead into a mini teaching on cams by Jake.

Next, came demos and show & tell time.

First, Scott Boynton showed off his robot "claw". Servo powered and sporting pincers that we were told could easily lift many pounds, this radio controlled claw looked very impressive.

Scott needed additional help on a parallel port relay board that he was still having trouble with. So the club went into debug mode and sent him home with a few more things to try.

This lead into a brief teaching on the transistor switches and H-bridges by Jake.

Curt D. spoke about his Stamp woes. Specifically he asked if and where he could procure a replacement regulator transistor for his BSC 1. We suggested he try bypassing it and feed 5v directly to the Stamp and see if it still works.

Bill brought in some surplus HP encoders, Pitman DC gearhead motors and some other neat stuff, and gave them away - thank you Bill!

Next, Kevin demo'ed his servo robot arm and platform built from Robotix parts and a lot of hot-melt glue. This demo won the "Runaway Robot" prize for the day.

Jim brought in his robot named MIPS and demo'ed a touch-tone remote control system built around two 49Mhz FM walkie talkies and a touch-tone decoder chip.

Hasan L. said that he has a 286 PC that he would like to give away. A nice addition for robot work.

The meeting ajourned around 3:30pm.