Mintues from the June '98 Meeting:

Mike M. brought a tape of a Discovery Channel show on robots that he taped, but unfortunately he taped over it by accident and we played a Discovery Channel show on genetic engineering instead, oh well.

In attendence were Jim S., Mike M., Tom Z., Hassan L., Curt & Eric D. and 2 pairs of fathers and sons that were new and who seemed to enjoy the meeting. Total attendence: 10.

Mike M. brought in a new platform built around the Mondo Bulldozer motor kit that he has been working on.  It sported an IR emitter/detector for object avoidance. We had a lot of fun chasing it and trying to get the IR detector to fire.

Jim S. also brought in a new platform that uses modified RC servos for locomotion to show off.

The group had a lively discussion comparing and contrasting these two platforms.  We also talked about the upcoming line tracing contest, and Curt spoke about the new club web site that his company will be hosting for us. Curt also gave us instructions on how we can all send stuff to be put up on the site.

We ajourned the meeting around 3:15pm.