Events and Contests

The purpose of our contests is to hone your skills while giving you an excuse to build something.

We are not big into winners and losers - we feel everyone is a winner when they come to show off one of their creations.



Events and Contests

Challenge for a future date (TBD)  is called “Obstacle Course The object of this challenge will be to build an autonomous robot that can drive from one end of a table top to the other without falling off the table while avoiding a cylinder and a box placed at random on the table before the run starts. The playing surface will be a 72” x 30” table. These are the same tables that are found in the lab where we hold the monthly meetings. The table top will be covered with brown kraft paper like that used in brown paper shopping bags.  (The attached image say the top is gray-black, but that is wrong) There will be two 1/2” wide white lines running the width of the table 12” in from either end. The obstacle box held “Maxwell House Coffee Bags" and measures 6” x 4” x 4” (len x wid x hgt). The obstacle cylinder held “Stove Top Stuffing” mix and is 6” tall and has a diameter of 4”. A JPG of the table is attached to this email. The robot will start behind one of the white lines. When activated, it will proceed over the first white line, making its way across the length of the table, all the while taking care to avoid the cylinder and box, to the opposite end of the table where it must sense the second white line and stop.  The box and cylinder will be placed on the table AFTER the Robot has started to move so as to make sure they are in its way. Points will be deducted for hitting either the cylinder or the box or falling off the table. Fastest time to reach the opposite end of the table and stop will be the winner.
As usual, there will be amazingly appropriate prizes for the winners



For a future date:

The goal of this challenge is to program your Robot to draw some letter or other simple object.

The item drawn could be letters like A, B, C or shapes like circle, square, triangle or even more complicated items like stick figure of person.

Special consideration will be given to the quality and difficulty of the drawing.

You can use any type of marker or drawing instrument and attach it any way to any place on your Robot. The marker could even lift off the paper if you are clever enough.

Each Robot will have it's own 32" x 27" flip chart type sheet of paper. The drawings can be any size, but they must fit on the pape


Click here to view a really cool mpeg of our very first mini-sumo contest (Beware - this is a 3Mb file and could take a while to download at dial-up speeds).

Click here to see the "Find the Light Contest" info.

There will be a course printed on a 3ft x 8ft piece of white paper with a 1in

thick black line as shown below.

There will also be a set of black 1' tiles with white lines available that we can lay out in any pattern.